Classical Variations (Ballet) -*Pro-Rated FALL Session

  • Fall
  • Saturday
  • Studio 1
  • Ballet, Ballet Conditioning, Conditioning, Muscle Conditioning, Technical Focus
  • Ms. Erika
  • Ballet
  • Sep 15, 2018
  • Dec 15, 2018
  • $225.00
  • 10 to 17
  • About the Class

    *Pro-Rated FALL Tuition reflects a discounted tuition rate for students joining mid-session. *FALL 2018 tuition includes a registration fee for the 2018-2019 Dance Year. *Please Note: This class runs for the entire Dance Year, divided into 3 Sessions: Fall 2018, Winter, Spring 2019. Each Session has a "Focus" and will enable the dancer to continue learning and progressing throughout the Dance Year. This class is invited to perform in our 17th Annual Recital, "The JOY Of Dance!", near the end of our Spring Session, on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 at the BU Theatre, Boston. ***Please see our "Calendar of Events" for all rehearsals and "SAVE THE DATES!"*** Ballet Director's permission required for class level. This class is for the more experienced Ballet dancer looking to challenge and increase their technique and execution while learning some of the most beloved Ballets in the World. Ms. Erin brings her vast knowledge of the Classical Ballets with respect to the original form and integrity. She is able to modify some of the most intricate excerpts to fit the level in the room. This class offers a unique look into the Classic Ballets, helps the dancer build knowledge of the genre and is a wonderful addition to any dancer's repertoire. *This class is also offered in our "Ballet Bundle" Tuition program. (see "details" under Ballet Bundle)
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