BEGINNER Leaps & Turns! -SPRING Session

  • Spring
  • Tuesday
  • Studio 1
  • Ballet, Ballet Conditioning, Classical Jazz, Company Conditioning, Conditioning, Strength Training, Technical Focus
  • Ms. Erin
  • Ballet
  • Apr 3, 2018
  • Jun 19, 2018
  • $350.00
  • 9 to 17
  • About the Class

    *SPRING SESSION: This class is invited to perform in our 16th Annual Recital, "The Joy of Dance!", on Sunday, June 10th at the BU Theatre, Boston. ***Please see our "Calendar of Events" for all rehearsals and "SAVE THE DATES!"*** SPRING Tuition includes a $45 Costume charge and $25 Concert fee with NO CHARGE during April vacation. This class is excellent for both the Ballerina and non-Ballerina alike and for any dancer looking to bring their technique and execution to the next level. This class focuses on the techniques of turning, including balancing & core centering, This class covers the techniques of leaping & jumping with plyometric reinforcement and center drills. Inquire with Ms. Erin, Assistant Director, to see if appropriate level. Recommended as an excellent base for technical developement for most genres.
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